i'm really not sure about this. i think of things i want to tell someone so i put it at the internet where noone notice.

maybe someone whom I forgot about long time ago
remembers about me now > just as I came to think of you

I should forget about you too

i spend to little time updating this page - sorry.

i opened a youtube channel, might not update it very often through. first couple of clips includes a short movie of a guy yelling from an event i went to the other day.

updated my photoblog wrote shit on my twitter acount did nothing
then something
it was rainy+windy - i saw more broken umbrellas today than for a long time

i'm on twitter now. only thing i'm tempted to write there is a lot of swearing. i won't. sorry.

i made a new page, putting together some of my dreams earlier posted at rudiment and pictures from my photolog. except for the pictures, everything is in danish.

since last time: i made two pages for deter, one with 6 pictures from my home and one with an unhappy soldier

this chicken has a serious look on its face


  i slept
  while nothing happened
  because i slept

for a long time i've done nothing. then today i woke up. ate breakfast and made this page for deter

i had this dream: everybody wants my time. it feels like i don't have any. i jump on a boat to istanbul. as far away as i've ever been. as i arrive in istanbul i meet current and past friends. i'm trying to hide but then my sister is there and she laughs and says: you're not invisible, you know?

this is copy/paste from a page i just made, rehearsing conversations:
    i'm not interested in what you've got to say
    you're not interested in me at all
    we're not really talking to each other
       just rehearsing conversations
    and this one has got a nice pattern
    i will take it up with the next person i meet

returning from vacation also equals more substantial updates to this page. i have ideas. stay tuned, but don't hold your breath.

i've updated my photoblog with pictures from my holidays at the balkans.

     actually probably

going up

my comment is awaiting moderation

this is one of those notes, nobody cares about: the contact-form has not been working lately, anything anyone might have written to me has not gone through...it should work again now. sorry.

added my latest 5 del.icio.us links under the photolog pictures to the right, they will update, whenever i tag a page for del.icio.us, any suggestions?

i added some thumbs in the right side of this page. from my photo blog. also i plan to add a rss-feed for this page sometime in the future. i am bored with my webprojects. then there's a new page at deter. happy holidays.

i looked up myself at the internet today. browsed through my own webpages, looked at my pictures, went through my profiles. to see if i was ok or something. everything seems fine. no surprises. everything is fine. yes, i am fine. it looks fine. i am fine.

did an update for deter today. say hallo to albert
did an update for deter today. it's a giraffe

	i went for a walk in the park today
	nothing speciel // quite ordinary
	my action would fit perfectly into a song (so i thought)
	it was nothing speciel, really
	or in a poem or in a movie
	the park is beautiful, but hey
	or at my webpage

	i wrote at my webpage that i went for at walk in the park

i made a photoblog, with pictures like this in it: homeless vs hug
still not completely satisfied. like here updates will be inregulary.

got a friend-request from this guy (whom i don't know) the other day, that reminded me that i'll have to keep updating this webpage. and yes, things are still happening, i could as well put it here...
for example i haven't mentioned what i recently made for deter:

	i'm fine
	just fine
	had i been a poet, not just pretending
	i would compose a beautiful poem
	to describe my innermost feelings
	obviously it's not like that
	hey, i'm fine

there are days
when you wake up
and shortly after realize you shouldn't have

bike punctured
late for work and everyting else
don't answer the phone it's bad news

it's quiet here.

i made two new pages for deter, i couldn't come up with any words.

    everything is easy. duh. no, really: duh!
    it bores me and also it annoys me that i can't figure it out.

as i am out of words. i've been looking for yet an other picture to put here. i haven't found any. that's why: nothing.

same story over and over again.

trivial | insignificant | frivolous

i received this dead bird along with my daily emails. it inspired me to make this birdfull page for deter

slow down // hurry up

i pretend it's a game. of course it's reality.
i fell asleep and even my dream seemed unreal. more like a dream.
i spend 1,5 hours imagining you thinking about me. but of course you are in the middle of something else or just considering something in relation to your everyday life.

it's because you take that \angle\, it seems complicated

it was like this: we met. then nothing. (short story)
it'd be like this: we'd meet somewhere. drink a coffee each. talk. then nothing.

i have a great passion for absurdity. maybe _that_ is what we have in common. probably she would run away if i told her, that it is because of my passion for the absurd i like her company. not that she won't run away anyway.

too many words here - one of the following days i'll post a picture.

there's a thin layer of snow on top of everything outside my window.

then, something actually happened. but i can't write it here. it would be wrong. it would come back to me. this is what i made up to put here instead:

alternative title: poetic retelling of "nothing happened"

like pop-songs, some things just seem less pathetic & more poetic when you put them in a foreign language => why i write this in english not danish


i went to berlin, germany for a week, got sick, broke my camera, brought a new camera, took some pictures. who cares? now back in cph again.

made a page titled pick your favorite for deter. i like the carrot.

(on days like today, i feel like putting everything in parentheses. small font. low contrast. i am not here)

- a departure from the subject, course, or idea at hand; an exploration of a different or unrelated concern.

- either of a pair of brackets, especially round brackets, ( and ), used to enclose parenthetical material in a text.

- used to clarify expressions by grouping terms.
/from wiktionary/

almost forgot to mention i made a new front-page for deter

  i can't impress you anymore
  maybe i never could
  anyway i just realized now


tomorrow will be twice as interesting

once more i passed a red umbrella.
it must be that time of year.

if you're happy
/via woosterc/

today: slowlydownward, nobodyhere, learning to love you more
+ i got a del.icio.us account

    would your life appear as dull as mine if you put it at the web?

On Global Advertising's Failure in Bulgaria:
"In the early 1990s people in emerging markets were thrilled to be showered with a confetti of colorful western advertising images. But, in those exhilarating early post-wall years, ads were not immediately recognized as ads by a world that had been visually deprived of commercial aesthetics since the time of Stalin [...] Western ads were first viewed as symbols of a conquering political and economic system."
via Advertising Lab

and i found yet an other red umbrella.
it was windy and rainy.
let's talk about the weather.

today, links to confessions iv and sorabji.

made two pages for deter yesterday night when i was supposed to be sleeping: one with an old man and the words right below and one inspired by the children's book i read yesterday

    once more
    today is like yesterday, again
    the same
    today is exactly like yesterday
    back to start

amazingly boring

i don't have to excuse myself all the time

    put your words here::::::

it's like a virtual scrap-book, the kind of thing i've seen arty pre-highschool girls make, except it's virtual, i'm way past highschool, not a girl and not arty. whatever.

am i really 'way past highschool'?

maybe it's ok to fuck everything up once in a while // am i this boring person eager for something to happen? // stupid question

  red umbrellas (to the right also red motercycle & red car)

human pacman (i like how they hug in the end).
also neat singing in this one.

way more pipes here

"well, it doesn't mean anything - it's just words"

same place years later

easter 2003 and october 13th 2007

i've always found embedded vidoes at webpages annoying

there's a second and third part as well...
via sternberg

i'll might soon close down this page again

faces in places

- and don't forget to send me a friend request
- as if!
quote by the teenagers

it's not original. it's just like asobi but less frequently updated, less professional, less interesting, less... and less...

i should send some of my pictures to pictures of walls. selecting bores me.

via woosterc

at this page i will try to keep my ramblings in english. i don't know any good word for "ramble" in danish. otherwise my english lacks behind in every way. maybe it'll turn out to akward, maybe i'll learn right away. we'll see. shit, i'm already repeating myself...

my other pages are deter.dk, pictures are at pictures.deter.dk (ask for access) and then there's my danish pages: niller.deter.dk, wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.deter.dk, rudiment and rudiment.dk/~niller. of course you can also find me at facebook, linkedin, del.icio.us, orkut, myspace and hospitalityclub and twitter...

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